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Twice a month on a Wednesday night at 21.30hrs - from September to June every year since 1998

- the only place to be is here because it's Florin Pub Quiz night!

The first and still the best authentic English Pub Quiz in Utrecht with your one and only host MR BALLS!

Get your team together - there's no limit from small to large - to test your knowledge and teamwork skills!

With an emphasis on fun and team enjoyment the Florin pub quiz is a fantastic way to spend an evening with friends.

Who knows? You could win one of the amazing prizes on offer every quiz from bottles of whisky to Bluray box sets to tshirts to Playstations

or Xbox's to jugs of beer or bottles of wine to even the infamous Furby toy!

For just €1 a person your team could top the Yearly Florin Total Ranking chart and become season winners.

Not convinced yet? Check out the films below and accept no imitations....... 


SEASON #25 (2022 -2023): QUIZ DATES ARE:

Quiz 461 - January 11th 2023

Quiz 462 - January 25th

Quiz 463 - 25th BIRTHDAY SUPER QUIZ - February 8th

Quiz 464 - February 22nd

Quiz 465 - March 8th

Quiz 466 - March 22nd

Quiz 467 - April 5th

Quiz 468 - April 19th

Quiz 469 - May 3rd

Quiz 470 - May 17th

Quiz 471 - END OF SEASON SUPER QUIZ - May 24th 

Quiz 472 - September 13th 2023

WINNERS SEASON #25 (2022-2023):




Like our Mr. Balls FACEBOOK page for previous Quiz photos - WINNERS AND LOSERS!



Total Ranking positions Quiz season 25: 2022 - 2023
​Last update: Quiz 471 24th May 2023
1) H SPOT - 100 Points
2) Irish Wristwatch - 91 points
3) Gratis Kaas - 68 points
4) Boondock Saints - 55 Points
5) Fuck Marry Kill - 49 points
6) ABBA themed Italian Restaurant  - 39 points
7) Walkin talkin Stephen Hawking - 26 points
8) Apocalypse Cow! - 16 points
9) Beer pressure - 10 Points
10) Boneless Chicken Wings - 10 Points
Other teams with points this season are:
8 points: Mr Balls Dry Cleaners
7 Points: TWAN
5 points: The Replacements
4 points: Angry Nerds, Wierd Maxim, Utrecht HammersNRG SIUUUUU, The Replacements
3 Points: Spy who Ballsed me, The Einsteins
2 Points: Kalitas angels, live and let balls, Jansveld 9
1 point: Quiz on my face, Opblaasbare Barbara, pudding brain, vini vidi vici, worst kaas scenario,
3 biggetjes & de boze wolf, Live and let it snow, City Boiss, bring back planking, bis five, horny train, Dutch comedy central, Six pistols
Dutch Commonwealth, Shaun the Sheep & his bitches
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